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DC Comics Superheroes - Batman Vs. Superman - Chess Set

Sorry! This product is currently not available.

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Limited Edition DC Comics Superheroes Chess Set

Batman vs. Superman & The Justice League

Figurine Size: 2" to 4"

Board Size: 17" x 17"

Board Material: Coated cardboard

Figurine Material: Plastic

This limited edition DC Comics Superheroes chess set is the ultimate collectible for any Batman, Superman, or all-around DC Comics fanboy/fangirl. Use this chess set to strategically settle debates, once and for all, over which superhero has cooler powers or abilities; which movie was better: Superman Returns or The Dark Knight; which movie was worse: Batman Forever or Superman III; and whose cape is kept crisper, cleaner, and more pristiner. No need to debate these questions by stating any long-winded facts, arguments, or rebuttals. With this chess set, these disputes can be put to rest with one word: checkmate!

This comic book clincher has long been discontinued and will soon be out of stock. DC fans get this while you can!

The following DC Comics characters are included in this chess set:

Batman chess pieces:

  • Batman - King
  • Batgirl - Queen
  • Robin - Bishop
  • Nightwing - Knight
  • Commissioner Gordon - Rook
  • Gotham City Police Officer - Pawn

Superman chess pieces:

  • Superman - King
  • Wonder Woman - Queen
  • The Flash - Bishop
  • Steel - Knight
  • Hawkman - Rook
  • Green Lantern - Pawn

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