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Housework Can't Kill You - Apron

SKU: AC1029

Quick Overview

Cleaning supplies come with warning labels for a reason. Housework is DEADLY. Take caution with this apron.

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1950's Retro Style Apron

Size: One size fits all

Material: 100% Cotton

"Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance?"

clean·er·cide noun
The killing of a person during the process of cleaning their house, esp. in the case of preparing for visits from in-laws, extended family members, and other unwelcome guests.

Cleanercide. It's real and happens all too often. Look it up... but not really, because we just made up the word. Point is: you can (maybe, probably) work yourself to death. Heed the advice of this apron and stop doing chores. They're far too risky.

If you ever find yourself stuck doing housework, and we pray you don't, this apron will protect you from all that fatal muss with only half the fuss.