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Domestic Goddess - Apron

SKU: AC1027

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Great for cooking, cleaning, and camouflaging.

Condition: New

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1950's Retro Style Apron

Size: One size fits all

Material: 100% Cotton

A domestic goddess keeps her home tidy, tastefully decorated, and miraculously always smelling like freshly baked cookies. Her cleaning is spotless and her cooking is spot-on. She's perfect in every way, and oh so desirable! Perhaps too desirable...

High-demand for domestic goddesses has swept some of these lovely ladies into hiding. Sure, domestic goddesses are good at what they do, but they can't be expected to do it. Which is why many goddesses choose to keep a low profile by toning down the quality of their divine duties, or by forcing themselves to act as lazy as their good-for-nothing spouse. You could be living with a domestic goddess and not even know it!

This neat and nifty retro apron allows domestic goddesses to hide in plain sight. Your housework will look marvelous while your attire looks modest!